My Vision for Charlotte

Patsy Kinsey and her grandchildrenI can think of no finer city to call home than Charlotte. I was born and raised in this city. My children were born and raised here and this is where they raised their children. Living in Charlotte has enriched our lives beyond measure and I serve on the city council to help make sure Charlotte offers the best for those who live, work, and raise their families in this city that I love.

My hope for Charlotte is that she will continue to carefully grow while maintaining a welcoming feel. I hope that she protects her neighborhoods and continues to value her canopy of trees.

I hope that her residents will acknowledge the worth of each fellow being and do what they can to care for those who are in the greatest need. I hope that her citizens will understand the importance of caring for the area's natural resources and go about doing so.

I hope she will realize that her children are her greatest resource and will ensure they are nurtured, cared for and educated.