Our neighborhoods are the glue that bond the larger Charlotte community together. We need to balance high-density development across the city and protect our single-family neighborhoods as much as possible. Strong neighborhoods are essential to help Charlotte remain a safe, livable and vibrant city.

District 1 is home to some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city - neighborhoods that have seen many generations of children play, learn, and grow. Belmont, Chantilly, Elizabeth, Dilworth, Myers Park, Grier Heights, Colonial Village, Eastover, Cherry, Druid Hills and Plaza Midwood are among the communities in District One that are steeped in rich traditions. As former chair and long-time member of the Council's Housing & Neighborhood Development Committee, I have been very involved in the preservation of and investment in our older neighborhoods.

As Charlotte grows we need to plan and budget for the infrastructure that is necessary to handle the traffic generated by the large developments being built today. Charlotte Water has for some time been working within the region to address the future availability of water and they continue to update wastewater plants to handle future needs.

I strongly support the neighborhood policing concept that promotes partnerships between neighborhood residents and CMPD to address crime issues. Police officers assigned to neighborhoods get to know the residents of these areas and the residents, in turn, come to know and trust the officers assigned to their community.