Public safety has been a top priority in District 1 for many years. Whether we are promoting neighborhood watch efforts or budgeting for new police officers, members of the city council work with citizens to improve public safety.

As a council member I hear crime reports at each neighborhood meeting I attend and listen to your concerns so that we can work together to take action. Communicating with and looking out for each other are key to keeping our communities safe.

I have strongly supported and will continue to support the addition of police officers and needed equipment to have the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department continue to be one of the best in the country. I have ridden with our officers, flown in the CMPD helicopter and toured the crime lab all to better understand the needs and challenges of the department.

In past budgets I supported additional funding for the criminal justice system to ensure offenders are processed or face trial and sentencing in a fair and timely manner.

Charlotte firefighters are also responsible for keeping our neighborhoods safe. All neighborhoods in Charlotte deserve emergency response times that are six minutes or less. I support the construction of new fire stations to meet this goal.